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Want your business to reach a wider audience in a short time, and can’t want to reach the target audience organically? PPC is the solution to instantly target specific audiences which could later turn into customers. At BigByte, we specialize in delivering comprehensive digital marketing services involving both SEM and SMM campaigns. Our services boost the advertisement resulting in generation of rights with a strong PPC strategy.


Factors we keep in mind to succeed at paid marketing

Audience Targeting

By using the right demographics which match the ideal target market, we build custom audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more. We clutter and filter to narrow done only to the right audience for the business

Keyword Relevance

Keywords are essential parameters to make ads accessible. We create ads with proper ad text including relevant keywords. For this, we create keyword list keeping in mind the mindset of the targeted audience

Landing Page Quality

A persuasive and attractive landing page containing a strong call to action is an important parameter. Our experts at BigByte, take this into consideration while promoting a business via digital advertisement

PPC Planning

The outcome of any campaign relies on the adopted strategy. Due to this reason, we use strategic plans for budget allocation and targeting according to the objective. Our action focuses on ensuring profit to the business in the best way possible

Conversion Focused Services

Our services are optimized to out-perform the competitors by analyzing their marketing strategies. We also focused on the thought process of customers to direct them to your business. We intend to deliver the maximum results in the form of conversions.

Lead generation

We fully utilize the power of social media and search engines to generate cost-effective and quality leads. Our services ought to provide leads instantly without waiting for the traffic to reach your website organically.


Key Benefits of Paid marketing campaigns

Quick Progress

With the help of paid marketing one can find a targeted audience and make notable progress in a short while. We ensure full funnel services from planning to performance insights

Return on Investment (ROI)

Paid marketing campaigns ensure high investment as it allows to track the actual performance. You can measure performance by analyzing impressions, clicks and conversions.It comes up as an excellent way of marketing.

Target Market

With the help of paid marketing one can find a targeted audience and make notable progress in a short while. We ensure full funnel services from planning to performance insights

Controllable service

PPC marketing provides full control of ad content i.e where you want to public the ad and the audience you want it to reach. Therefore, PPC is the sorted way that bridges the difference between brand and its potential customers.

Grow brand awareness

PPC is the impactful strategy which leaves its mark on the customer’s mind. It generates curiosity about the brand among the targeted audience. Our services boost the business by increasing its visibility to the right audience.

Expansion into new markets

It is a proven fact that paid campaigns can expand a business to new horizons. Our works give feathers to your business to reach new audiences and geographics. It aims to target areas where promotion is impossible with traditional advertising strategies.


Types of Paid Campaign Marketing

Google Paid Ads

Google ads provide various options for business to reach its high intend customers. It is a widely used PPC advertisement. With quantifiable objectives we utilize the power of Google ads to increase profit of the business by reducing complexity. We understand important google parameters like Ad rank, Auction insights and bidding strategy and employ them to the fullest.

Facebook Ads

Our services adhere to accomplish your business goals. Therefore, our Fb ads services concentrate on bringing required traffic and engagement to target imminent customers. With our concept of targeting cold, hot, warm audience with eye catchy creatives we ensure high rate of success of campaigns

Twitter Ads

Twitter offers incredible results for specific objectives of business promotion. With effective targeting tools and ad format, twitter ads act as attention seekers. We strive to boost the growth of your business on Twitter. For that we promote tweets, accounts and trends to make your handle adaptable to potential customers.

Linkedin Ads

Through networking, Linkedin facilitates a business to reach highly targeted decision makers or professional audiences globally. In order to bring more leads and elevate B2B sales we provide the best period media marketing via Linkedin Ads. Our experts work to maintain the presence of your business in the forefront by fulfilling objectives of advertisement.

Youtube Advertisement

As Youtube comes second in the list of search engines. As video content remains in our minds for long, Youtube ads are the best way to draw the attention of customers towards a product. It ensures lead generation, sales and importantly brand awareness. So, we are all set to nurture your business through video promotion.

Instagram Advertising

In contrast to others,Instagram is a popular social media platform with a noticeably different set of audience. Instagram works on the thought process of users. therefore it targets a specific highly engaging audience based on their past activities. Our team will land your product to the niche market where it can build an impeccable identity.

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As actions speak more than words, results of our services say it out loud. Our team of experts in Digital Marketing adhere to provide the best services for paid campaign marketing. We ensure affordable services with no compromise of results. BigByte is top rated digital marketing agency which work with transparency to uplift your brand digitally.