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Annika Wells Sucks Being Sober Lyrics

If I can’t quote people verbatim, I hope you will at least be able to grasp the idea of what was said or done. This is told from my perspective, but I try to be extremely honest in my observations. My story, the people and activities I talk about are very personal. These are passed along not to glorify myself, but it is done to document and better explain what being a drunk and sobering up is like. I relay my drinking history to you so you can understand what a large role drinking and getting drunk played in my life.

sober sucks

We all lead busy lives, but have you ever thought about the difference between Good Busy and Bad Busy? Many of us invest too much of our valuable time into the act of being Bad Busy. Have a listen to this sobriety sucks podcast to hear the difference between the two. I hope this podcast motivates you to avoid getting involved and overwhelmed by Bad Busy and start focusing your time and your life on being Good Busy.

Living Sober Sucks

But then, just like most timeshares, you get stuck with it and you have to go there whether you want to or not. Then you try to get out of the deal, but you’re committed – you’re invested too deep, you can’t even give the fuckin’ thing away. Next thing you know it’s costing you more than you ever imagined. This timeshare condo in hell isn’t just costing you money , it is also costing you your health, your friendships, your relationships with lovers, spouses and family. It will cost you success at work and in your private life.

  • The more you drink the more money I make.
  • What happens after that first drink is in your bloodstream is anybodies guess.
  • I was pursuing a feeling of pleasure and getting drunk gave me the feeling of pleasure.
  • But that’s only if the other person is interested in reading about them.
  • You can choose to sit where you are for a moment, assess, and figure out a way forward.

All I have done is organized and restated complicated thoughts with uncomplicated words. To get a better idea of my personality, my philosophies and to read much more material.

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Just try to live a normal life in America and not drink or be tempted to drink. Look, I’m not going to try and talk you into quitting drinking. I don’t care if you drink your nights, weekends or your life away – YOU have to care. If you’re viewing this page it’s because something inside of you said, “This aint working for me. I need to get this under control.” The book includes worksheets at the end of each chapter. This is to help you devise YOUR OWN plan for what YOU want out of living sober—and how you’re going to do it. Undertaking and performing this simple answer will not always be easy or fun.

sober sucks

To my sister Linda who also became a dear friend to me. You didn’t try to do it but you ultimately sobered me up. For my friends who spent their personal time reading, editing and discussing this project with me; Dana, Jeff K., Beth, Dr. Modell. I especially must thank my dear friend Jhennifer.

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A case of beer would last my parents six months or more. My mom and dad only drank on holidays, and if they did drink, it was no more than one or two cocktails. I can‘t remember ever seeing my parents drunk. My dad didn’t come home from work and have a beer.

sober sucks

Life sucks whether you are sober or not. When the smallest things could mesmerize you? From being outside sweaty, running around and playing with bugs in the mud, to laughing at farts and wrestling with your friends. There is such a calm presence with children because they haven’t yet been mentally affected by themselves. They don’t care about yesterday or tomorrow. They don’t care about what he or she thinks. They don’t worry about paying bills, providing for anyone, or how their stocks are doing.

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This book was not intended to be a literary masterpiece – it is far from that. It is written in a simple, crude and raw https://ecosoberhouse.com/ fashion. I wanted it to be easy to read, entertaining and helpful to people that want to live a normal life sober.

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