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Can You Get Sober Without AA? Alcohol Addiction Treatment

In her role as VP of Communications, she oversees branding, public relations, social media, marketing, events, and content creation. If you decide after reading this article that it’s not for you, either, there is nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of alternatives and many, many treatment facilities offer these alternatives. Some of them offer AA but don’t force participation in it because they also offer other programs. Others will compel you to participate in their AA program whether you want to or not. If you don’t like the principles of AA, look for rehabs that won’t make you attend their meetings if you don’t want to or better yet, don’t offer AA at all.

  • Just read This Sober Mind and checked in on r/stopdrinking daily.
  • Yaffa Atias is the Director of Special Projects at Amatus Health.
  • Today, AA has 12 steps, but originally there were only six.
  • Are you relying too much on drinking to help you deal with social anxiety?
  • Be honest with yourself about what you need to stay sober.

Join a group that is going to support you and keep you accountable for your sobriety without you ever having to leave your home. When you see the word support group, you are likely thinking, “Wait, isn’t AA a support group?

Find Treatment for Alcohol Use in Virginia

We built out this option so we could include employees who weren’t in recovery from addiction to substances, but still might struggle with other issues. •Refuge Recovery is a mindfulness-based addiction recovery community that practices and utilizes Buddhist philosophy as the foundation of the recovery process. You might have a strong support system of loved ones andfamilymembers to help you in your sobriety. Or, you might need how to stay sober without aa time to build a support system if your addiction negatively impacted friends and family members. Recovery can be a linear process, yet you might need to go back if you aren’t ready to move forward. For example, you might complete a sober living program yet do not feel prepared to get back in the real world. Staying sober long-term takes self-care, getting support, a relapse prevention plan, and committing to healthy living.

You can sign up to receive a newsletter, join the club, find support groups, get mentoring, and so much more. The group is a friendly, safe space to talk about dreams and inspirations in sobriety as well as fears and regrets. This kind of soul searching can be scary at times—but it’s also thrilling. The sober/sober-curious group acknowledges that all of its members do things differently and have different philosophies about drinking. One of their top rules is all about sharing that philosophy without attacking another’s.

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It’s essential to take care of yourself, live a healthy lifestyle, and cut out alcohol if you have a problem. People die from excessive alcohol consumption every day. Relapse is very common during recovery, and it does not mean that you failed.

There are now several evidence-based solutions for alcohol addiction—and one of them is bound to work for you. It’s hard enough to stay sober when life is on an even keel. But in stressful or triggering moments, the difficulty goes to a whole different level. With solid support, commitment and some good coping skills, you can resist cravings and make sure any relapse that may happen is only temporary. The social aspect of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can add a pleasant camaraderie that highlights that you are far from the only person struggling with alcoholism. Having people you see regularly and are all working towards the same goal also provides a level of accountability. Having to face your group of peers and admit that you broke your sobriety can be a powerful deterrent in the face of weakening resolve.

Change Your Social Scene

Regardless of when you choose to take a break, there are more and more socially condoned opportunities to see what it’s like to drink less alcohol. The health benefits of even a month without alcohol may surprise you. If you’re thinking of cutting back, this can be a great way to test things out, or get started on your journey. Becoming aware of where, when, and why you consume alcohol lets you assess your own habits.

things to do to stay sober without aa

Such symptoms are often related to mood and may include irritability, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and fatigue. Some definitions of sobriety call for complete lifelong abstinence while others focus on developing coping mechanisms that can reduce harm with the understanding that setbacks are common. Verywell Mind’s content is for informational and educational purposes only. Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I’ve also witnessed the fantastic potential and empowerment that often emerges by building relationships with people in recovery. Extraordinary magic comes with being in the company of people that are in the process of growing beyond what they knew they could ever be capable of. Dr. Paul R. Linde is a board certified psychiatrist with over 25 years in emergency psychiatric care and treatment of dual-diagnosis patients.

The Alcoholic’s Way to Spiritual Victory

Other definitions, however, often focus on the process of recovery and developing coping mechanisms and habits that support health and wellness over the long term. Total abstinence may be the goal, but the reality is that setbacks are common. In AA specifically, meeting people who have lived through relapse and recovery cycles is common. It is also common for people to project theonething that eventually worked for them onto others as theonlyway to be sober. Many more modern “sobriety programs” exist that are suitable solutions for people seeking sobriety with others without the issues mentioned above, such as SMART Recovery. There are also many online support groups full of friendly strangers ready to cheer you on, answer your questions, and support you without judgment. What’s most important is making the decision to get help and finding a path to recovery and a support network that works for you.

things to do to stay sober without aa

Group therapy can also be costly if your insurance does not cover the costs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers a list of online recovery resources. You can explore different types ofsupport groupsthat might help you in your long-term sobriety. Finding a sober community is essential to feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie in your shared struggles to overcome addiction.

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