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What are Pay Stubs? Facts and Guide for Employers

what is a pay stub

A check stub template is a simple and efficient way to create a check stub, which is a financial record of an employee’s payment details for the current pay period and year to date. The typical information listed in a check stub template includes wages, hours worked, as well as deductions like taxes or insurance, and other important details we’ll look at more closely in a bit. Pay stubs are written pay statements that show each employee’s paycheck details for each pay period.

  • Usually, both the current net pay as well as the year-to-date net pay are mentioned on a pay stub.
  • You can use special payroll software to generate professional-looking paycheck stubs for your employees.
  • You don’t have to be an accountant to easily understand how to create pay stubs.
  • At the moment, Hawaii is the only state that requires an employee’s consent before implementing an electronic paperless pay system.
  • You just need to set hourly rates for each employee or a project — and, as soon as an employee logs their work hours, you’d be able to see their total hours worked and gross earnings.
  • Revitalize your HR practice with all-in-one HR software that helps you tackle paperwork and peoplework in one easy and secure system.

The pay stub should include both the current deductions as well as the year-to-date deductions. The deduction is very important to be itemized on a pay stub so that the employees can see the amounts reduced from their gross pay. The employer subtracts any money owed, like owed income taxes or failed to repay loans, and sends it to the government on the employee’s behalf. what is a pay stub Deductions are cash amounts taken out of the employee’s gross wages. Opt-in statesrequire employers to offer paper pay stubs unless an employee chooses to get their pay stubs electronically. It’s smart to periodically review your paystub to make sure it’s accurate. If you discover issues, contact your manager or your company’s payroll or human Resources departments.

Do Employers Have to Provide a Pay Stub?

So, for example, if you have an employee that has a $20 hourly rate and they work 80 hours in a pay period, their gross wages would be $1600 ($20 x 80). The information you must include on a paycheck stub can also vary by state. A pay stub, or paycheck, is important for both employers and employees as it outlines the exact https://www.bookstime.com/ gross salary that an employee is receiving along with the relevant deductions and contributions. This avoids any confusion as both parties are able to clearly see how the calculations have been made. Pay stubs may also be required as proof of earnings or employment in certain situations such as renting or buying a home.

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Form W-9: What is it and when should businesses use it?

It offers a record of your employee’s salary, assists them in understanding their taxes, contributions, and deductions, and allows them to verify that they were paid correctly. It can also be used as proof of income or work, which is frequently required when asking for a loan or other type of credit. You can use special payroll software to generate professional-looking paycheck stubs for your employees. At first glance, pay stubs can seem very complicated, but once you understand certain payroll terms, such as “gross wages,” “net pay,” and “employer contributions,” they become much easier to read. Pay stubs and payslips are used to provide employees with an accurate record of their hours and wages. This allows them to track everything related to their pay and ensure the amount they’ve received, and paid in tax, is correct. Once you enter all the relevant information, the pay stub tool will create the pay stub for you.

Is the pay stub the same as a paycheck?

A pay stub accompanies a paycheck, detailing exactly how the check amount was derived.

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